Antivirus Managed Services

Viruses are a lit fuse on a bomb
We provide managed services thru Avast! for all of your antivirus needs

Website Design

HTML/Joomla/WordPress - custom websites designed to promote yourself, your business or your  brand

Computer Repair

Computers need love too! On or offsite services if you're not feeling the love back from your PC or Mac

Website Hosting

Business or personal
VPS/Shared/Dedicated IP hosting plans are available for any website need

Network Consultations

New or existing Workgroups or Windows Domain - we make your network work for you and your business

Disaster Recover Planning

You can't stop a disaster
You can plan for one, we offer many types of disaster recovery planning services

Why Choose Us

There are many IT services and computer repair shops throughout Maine, so why choose Central Maine TekWerx?

Service Image

Money is always an issue

If you're located in the Lincoln, Maine or surrounding areas, you'll pay a lot more money for services, and support coming from Bangor or farther away

Fast response and turn-around times

Being local, we have fast response times and strive for 24 hour turn around in most instances on PC repair

Remotely managed services

Many of our managed services can be conducted remotely, freeing up your valuable time to actually run your business

To Learn More About Us

If you'd like to learn more about the services we provide, click the squares above, or contact us, or use the contact form below

Strive for Success

Business Success

Successful businesses have many things in common, and being able to rely on your computers and networks is paramount.

Our goal is to make that a reality, and meet the IT needs of your business or organization.

Website Design

Website Design

It's been a while since we lived in caves, thankfully.

If your website looks old, you're probably losing business - give us a call, we can help with that.

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