Data Retention & Recovery for Business


StorageCraft offers numerous options for data retention and disaster recovery, to ensure your valuable data is always accessible.

Avast! Cloud Backup for Business

Avast! Cloud Storage & Backup

In addition to cloud it's based anti-virus options, Avast! also offers a cloud based data backup and recovery solution that is robust, reliable and affordable.

iDrive Online Backup

iDrive offers bulk storage and back up services for both residential and business customers. They also offer a bare metal option for disaster recovery needs.

StorageCraft Options


Services and Hardware

StorageCraft offers options for local and cloud based backup, as well as converged scale out systems. Whether your needs include presently owned backup hardware having access to cloud based backup for data protection and disaster recovery, or purchasing a unified solution such as OneXafe to create an all inclusive platform for data management, StorageCraft has solutions to fit your needs.



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cloud services

Avast! CloudCare

1Secure connection to managed devices
computer iconUse our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device with the CloudCare agent installed and remotely resolve issues, perform tasks, reboot computers, transfer files, chat with users, and more
2Threat monitoring
3Unified cybersecurity system

CloudCare Features and Services

1Intuitive Dashboard
009 desktop computerView alerts at-a-glance, address issues, and provide the information needed to make informed decisions, and take speedy action to increase uptime, stability, and security
2Device & Policy Management
3Comprehensive Reports
4Real-time Alerts
5Managed Antivirus
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More CloudCare Services

6Secure Web Gateway
020 internet 1Block access to bad websites, downloads, and locations to prevent attacks from harming your network or stealing any data
7Content Filtering
8Email Security
9Backup & Disaster Recovery
10Patch Management